Monday, November 1, 2010

What's In Between? "Something In Between" - Koresh Dance Company

Somewhere in between dance and theater, western and eastern influences, the literal and the abstract -- Before the show began Koresh explained that the title of this show evolved because this was an in between moment for his choreography as this show fell in between two others;  the irony is that the title is perfect. 
At the Suzanne Roberts Theater this past weekend the curtain unveiled another Koresh Dance Company brain twister topped with fast passed dancing that sometimes skips a beat.  From comedy to drama, instrumental to spoken word this show was all over the place.
Koresh uses complex rhythm and syncopation notably well and when the whole Koresh crew is moving in unison with their in-your-face-directness and occasional (and sometimes unnecessary) screams you feel like you entered the intimate moments of an ancient tribe.  Passion exudes from every throw of a wrist or stomp of a foot, both signature Koresh moves. 
Some moments left you a little dry and wanting more while others on the edge of your seat finding the internal pulse that was also driving the energy-packed dancers.  All ten dancers are beautiful technicians, though some emanated Koresh’s unique voice more powerfully than others.
The technical aspects of the show were both simple and well executed.  The stage was reconstructed in a manner so you felt as though you were in an open space, the dancers exited from all three sides which enclosed them.  Lighting was nothing out of the ordinary, yet hit the dancers body’s in just the right way and created the sultry Koresh-like environment.  Costuming varied from the ethereal to the everyday life, and even at times seeming like the dancers just kept their warm-up clothes on from earlier that day.
Had Koresh edited the program a bit more he could have had a jaw-dropping hour long show that kept you wanting more instead of a nearly two hour show that allowed his audience to check their programs and observe their neighbors expressions.